Ive always wanted to get a pod to record songs so recently i thought id get one, so i looked into the ways of connecting it to your pc. I read that you plug yor guitar straight into the pod, then the output can go to the 1/8 jack mic slot with an adapter, but the thing is the jack slot on my pc is stereo and this adapter is mono? is there a different adapter i can use becuase i doubt it is my mic slot that is the problem :S
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It should connect via USB...
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It should connect via USB...

Say what now?
Jackson DK2M
Peavey Vypyr 15w
Boss ME-25
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It should connect via USB...

not a 2.0 brah

i too have been wondering this, but im considering getting a toneport now.

POD2.0 for live playing

toneport ux1 or 2 for recording puposes.

if you want to record with the pod i belive the xt or x3(idr the names lol) has a usb port for recording purposes
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Some of the other posters are mistaken Pod 2 doesnt have USB output. That was introduced on the XT model and above.

If your mic input is stereo and you record a mono signal it won't matter, you'll get a mono signal, you can plug in there without a problem, guitars are recorded in mono anyway, so it's no loss or anything.

But for the love of god please consider getting a proper interface, it's going to sound terrible because you're plugging in through a cheap ass sound card.
Thanks alot beef, i atm i have a realtek soundcard, when u say a cheap soundcard are u talking a brand no one has ever heard of kinda cheap? Or do i have to invest in a new soundcard aswell
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Peavey Vypyr 15w
Boss ME-25
Any soundcard thats not designed for capturing audio isn't going to sound great.

You can have a top of the range soundcard that sounds amazing but when you play stuff back through it then it won't sound good recording, thats because its Analogue to Digital conversion won't be as good as its Digital to Analogue (ie its ability to capture sound won't be as good as its ability to replay it), because thats not what its designed for.

You really need an interface if you want to capture good quality sound.
Beefmo (if you're still there after 15 days...), are you saying that you need a decent soundcard for if you're using the mono input? The sound card won't affect anything if I plug my pod x3 live in via USB right?

Furthermore, once I plug it in via usb, I'm having trouble getting programs to realize that I'm trying to use it. Sometimes it works and sometimes not so much. Any suggestions for a good program to use to record usb input?

Just throwing that out there...