Yeah, I wrote this song in tribute to a friend of mine who recently passed away in a car accident. Genre-wise I don't really know what you'd call it, it kind of builds from an acoustic song to a metal wall-of sound type of teal. I'd like to hear your thoughts on it.
c4c and all that stuff.
Honestly one of the best songs I have heard on UG in while, good work my man! I love how the song is structured, beginning with that acoustic part and slowing building up until a metal esque solo rips in and everything is full out-then slowly receding back to the calm of the beginning. I found your voice to be quite interesting. It seemed different, and at first I didn't like it, but by the end of the song I couldn't envision it with any other voice. My only problem was with at the end when you have a lot of overlapping vocals. I think it got a little *too* chaotic and confusing. I get that it is supposed to be the big climax, but I think it was too much. I'm not saying to remove it entirely, but maybe scale it down and make sure the main vocal line gets out. Otherwise great job and I know your friend would have loved this. My latest song is here if you would like to C4C: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1230765