Hey guys i have a 3/4 size marshall cab ( the old valvestate one ) 4x12 . i like his size because it fit in my toyota tercel perfectly . and the weight is perfect .. it can be carry by one person . the celestion inside are not really brutal .. theres the small magnet cheaper celestion that were made for marshall.

i heard its nothing compare to the real thing . the celesiton g12l-35 are good but not for my taste of hard rock /metal .

instead of buying a new cab .. id like to keep it and switch the speakers .. now i dont a cabinet .. only 2 speakers would be enough . so

is there something wrong in having only 2x12 in a 4x12 cab ?????

the weight of 2 vintage 30 for example would approx be the same as my 4 celestion i have now in so it would be perfect .

i would have the same weight and keep the small size cabinet . .. i know they arent the best cab in term of wood .. but theyre decent and compact .

how do i configure 2x12 in a 4x12 ???.... both in the upper side , both on the lower side .. or one in the top left and one in the bottom right ????

thank you .

anything to suggest int erm of speakers for tight punch ???

gt-/12 75 vs vintage 30 ???? or any other brand is ok too .
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As long as the total impedance matches your amp, you can use just two speakers. If you have empty holes where the old speakers were, it will change your sound, so you may want to leave dummy speakers in the 2 unused spots (just don't wire the ones you aren't using). I'd use the top two spots.