and my friend said he wants to buy me a effect pedal. i keep telling him thats not necessary and all that jazz, but he insists. (he is also the singer in my band, and the youth pastor at my church.) he said get anything up to $150 that i want. so my budget is $150 or less. (less is preferred so he doesnt have to spend much.)

here is the things that i would actually use:
-an od that either does the dumble thing well, or sounds great when cascaded with a tubescreamer.

-an awesome fuzz face clone. i would prefer germanium, but silicon is fine if it sounds like Band of Gypsies. (i would rather have the "are you experienced" tone though)

-an octafuzz/octavia type pedal.

-something awesome that i havent though about.

so guys, what should i do? and what are the best pedals of these types that i can get for my budget?
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Chea_man is the best.
the dano cool cats would be a great place to look. you should check out the transparent OD and the fuzz!
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Tell him you want a Keely modded DS-1.


They're amazing.

+1... or the Monte Allums one. Either one would be great.
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You're really going to let your friend buy you an effects pedal? Really?
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If you wanna throw in $10 to his $150 and wait a few weeks, KR Musical makes an awesome Hendrix type fuzz. You might be able to find a used Zendrive around that price. They seem to be dropping now that there's hardly any wait.
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check out my fuzz. if not a OCD is always a great choice
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