Right, well up untill now i've been using the pretty standard, 9-42 gauge ernie ball super slinkys. But, I thought i'd have a change, seeing as i'm starting to get into using other tunings and stuff. I was just gunna get a set of 10s, but they didn't have any in the shop, and I ended up getting a set of ernie ball skinny top heavy bottoms.

They're gauges are 10, 13, 17, 30, 42, 53. Now, i'm not sure on this, but I know that going from 42 to 52 is a pretty big change. The guy in the shop told me, if it doesen't play well, to bring it in and they can set it up.

But, I would just like to know, if putting on these strings, could cause any kind of danger or damage to the guitar. It's a Washburn X50 Pro, which for those of you who don't know, has a fixed tune-o-matic bridge. I was just wondering if it's putting stress on the neck or anything like that. I'll probably be using E standard tuning, drop D, and drop C.

Thanks in advance,

Your guitar should be able to handle that string gauge just fine. The only thing you should have to do is adjust your intonation.
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