I'm trying to build a black and white frankenstrat. I've already bought a guitar and sanded it and painted it black........but every time i put tape on to a cutaway, the tape goes into a completely different direction and if i guide the piece of tape where its supposed to go, it bends and folds and comes out horrible and i have to take it off and try again but no matter what i do, the tape just doesn't go the way i want it to go...........how are you supposed to do this? any advice??
i'm using green scotch tape.......
When you get to a cutaway, cut a slit in the tape where the bend is so it bends around the cutaway. Then fill in the gap with a smaller bit of tape.

Hope you get that.
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Or use two bits of tape and make sure they overlap. A very slightly differant method to the one Rich suggested.

EDIT: I've done a frankinstrat - black with white lines, the method works but make sure you press all the tape down very firmly otherwise you might get a little seepage.
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