Hey I have, as the title suggests, a Les Paul Studio with stock pickups (490T and 490R) and all stock electronics.
I really don't like the tone I get out of it, it is way too muddy. I've tried things like playing with tone settings on both the guitar and my amp, but I can't seem to get any brightness out of it. Also, whenever I play the high e, it barely sounds through the amp, no matter how hard i pick it.

I'm considering changing the pickups, but I'm a complete noob with pickups; I have no idea which ones would give me the sound I'm looking for.

Here are some examples of tone I'd like to achieve:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uR1sQjj2pEI (the guitar is at 1:15)

My main amps are an Orange Crush 15R and an Olson PA head... I dunno how many people have heard of that... its a ~50 watt tube head. I don't have many effects at the moment, but I'm getting a Big Muff Pi soon and I plan on getting a Tube Screamer and Digitech Whammy... if that info is of any use.

I'm sure there are lots of threads like these, but I appreciate any help.
Is that Olson head an actual guitar head, or is it PA equipment, like the name suggests?
Right now it looks to me like you need a new amp above anything, because PA stuff isn't designed to plug a guitar into and the Orange Crush line is, pardon my language, utter crap.
new amp will help more
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No, the head is an actual amp, I just took all the info I could from the front of the head as I've never heard of the brand before (I'm pretty sure my dad picked it up from some antique place).

And in defense of my little Orange, I'm just a hobbyist (I'm not in a band and don't gig) and I just needed something small to practice on and I thought it looked pretty cool (plus it was pretty cheap too).
Quote by joey arce
new amp will help more

Yeah I've thought of that, I just don't have the money for something like that at the moment.
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