Hey guys, basically my birthday is in a week & a half, so I was thinking about asking for a pedal for my bass.
I know I want some sort of distortion, so I was thinking about the MXR M-80 Bass DI or the ProCo Rat Juggernaut & I was hoping that they'd be good for Tim Commerford kind of sounds. So I was wondering which you guys would reccomend?

Also, any delay pedals you might reccomend?

Pro cat, its great doesnt cut very well, but for some good ol' sluggy you cant beat it.
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The MXR is a D.I. first and a distortion unit second. I have one, and it sounds great, but it is best used as a tone shaper rather than a distortion unit. If you are considering an MXR distortion for bass, look at the Blowtorch.
The Blowtorch is a fuzz with a blend knob, not a distortion/OD. Just thought I'd put that out there.

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