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Hello pit, Its raining and what better to do than grab your guitar and go into your blanket fort. I just made one and am doing just that (I don't have a camera, so no pics )

Well anyway have any of you ever made an epic blanket/pillow fort, feel free to tell stories, pics etc...


Yeah, when I was 5.

I'd build one and fap inside of it.
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I loved building forts when I was a kid. My friend and I would built a giant one behind my couch whenever he would come over, then we would either capture the cat and hold him hostage inside or convince my dad to come attack the fort so we could shoot him with dart guns. 'Twas awesome.

Edit: Then once the battles were over and the prisoners of war had been exchanged we'd sit inside and play gameboy pokemon. Good times, and now I really want to go make another fort...
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I used to make ****ing amazing blanket forts. On note of that pic though, holy shit...a fort full of hipsters.

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My brother and I made one over Summer break. We needed a military strong point between the kitchen and the living room.
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Blankets are not my forte...

Don't try to blanket your obsession with forts.
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Don't try to blanket your obsession with forts.

If you make any more puns I'm going to kick the sheet out of you...
If you make any more puns I'm going to kick the sheet out of you...

Yeah, these puns BEDer stop.
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If you make any more puns I'm going to kick the sheet out of you...

Oh don't worry I'm coming up blank-et on this one
about half my childhood was spent building forts.

my dad used to bring me home these 3' x 3' sheets of cardboard from his work. if you set up two for the walls, then a sheet with a little weight ontop, it would make a complete square. if you set up a few in a row, you could make a pretty badass tunnel. my basement was usually a labyrinth of rooms made of chairs and blankets and cardboard tunnels leading between them. sometimes we'd make long ass, dead-end tunnels just to confuse 'intruders'.
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Oh don't worry I'm coming up blank-et on this one

Quilt making jokes already
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Quilt making jokes already

I'm not sure I'm comforter-ble with these puns
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Quilt making jokes already

anymore of this harrasment and I will sew you
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Quilt making jokes already

Sorry I'll fold up my stuff and be gone.

(that was terrible )
Puns =

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rain+blanket=wet blanket am i right?
wet blanket dripping+ you = you wet

It's raining outside, I'm inside under a blanket fort.


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anymore of this harrasment and I will sew you

Well, this one's just bed.
I'm going in;

Rambo style
I used to build some epic forts with blankets, chairs, and every bit of furniture in my room.

I once had this epic labyrinth of fortitude goin on in my was amazing.

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Once I made a blanket fort with my friend but than it collapsed and I was stuck there with a chair arm in my groin for 45 minutes. Not good timez.
Oh yeah, twas very epic indeed

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I only really built forts on special occasions ( e.g Christmas, Birthdays) and they were basically just dining room chairs with a tartan rug thrown over the top and filled with pillows, they were awesome none the less....
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I used to make blanket forts...

when I was 8. They were pretty awesome nonetheless, but for some reason I would refuse to come out even when I was dying of heat stroke.
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How do you build a blanket fort?

You poor, poor thing.
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How do you build a blanket fort?

I feel very very sorry for you, I really do
I just need about $3.50

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I tought the title was blanket farts
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When I was a kid me and a friend would have a sleepover and make these epic forts. It went across the whole basement and we tied the blankets together and made a roof and then split it in half so I had my half and he had his. It was very rad. I wish I took pics.
I miss blanket forts. They really were bloody dead good fun.
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DUDE yes!!! I made those suckers all the time growing up.
I miss it.
'member The Pit of 10'? oH, I 'member!

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