Ok well I can buy any guitar out there thats under 1,000 dollars. There are some guitars I have considered buying they are a B.C. Rich Mockingbird ST,ESP clockwork zombie 2009 model(not sure what its acually is called),ESP Alexi Lahio model,Shecter Synyster Gates model. Those are some of the guitars I have been looking into. I dont live by a Guitar Center so I cant try them out,I have read reviews that were good and bad about these guitars. So I want to know which guitar is more versitile. I dont just want a guitar for metal,I want one thats good for all genres of music,and are there any guitars out there way better than these that are good for all genres?
Im pretty sure all the guitars you listed are mainly for metal
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Im pretty sure all the guitars you listed are mainly for metal

He's right. These guitars suit metal mainly both in design and tonewise. But what other genres do you want to play?

Ever thought about an Epiphone/Gibson or Fender? Really versatile guitars. Or maybe a Charvel from the 80s?
Fender with a humbucker was always a solid choice for me. Ibanez does alright, but Fender does the best. Gibson's are generally just for rock, I'd say, unless modified to high hell.
I hate fenders I thought about a Gibson but there over my budget and i have an epiphone but I dont know if its where I got mine from but the quality was very poor. So I guess a guitar thats like a gibson but less the price. I mostly play metal but on occassion I play,blues,hard rock, etc. but i guess I can just bring the Epi to a gig that requires a non metal song. So I guess now my question is,Which one from the list is better? Which one will give me more bang for my buck?
If you're looking for a metal guitar with versitility, the Jackson Randy Rhoads is pretty much a jack of all trades instrument with a metal attitude and look.

The passive SD JB and Jazz pups can produce a variety of sounds while the V itself looks pretty badass in the process

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