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On the recommendation of people here, I borrowed a distortion pedal from a buddy to see if I can get the tone I want with my current gear. Well, it sounds A LOT better but I am noticing I am getting major dirty noise through the amp if I use any gain really at all. I have a Vypyr 15w which is on the cleanest setting there is, with both post and pre-gain only about 1/4 of the way up. If I don't have the tone knob on the guitar all the way to turned to the left (counter clockwise) and the volume all the way to the right, there is major noise through the amp. I like the tone with the guitar knob set more clockwise but the noise is bad. As soon as I turn the pedal off, the noise goes away. Maybe it's normal?

Any ideas?

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Are you using a single coil guitar or a humbucker equipped one?
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Maybe it's distortion?
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Are you using a single coil guitar or a humbucker equipped one?

Get a noise gate. And a power conditioner.
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