So one thing I've considered to hinder my playing lately is proper alternate picking.
Working towards fixing that problem,I found what seemed to be an excercise for it in the excercises thread(the one called PG), but I still get kinda confused when it comes down to actually applying it. specially for sweep like patterns. so my question for you experienced shredheads here is, what's the proper way to right hand pick this riff by using proper alt picking concepts.
is it:

or is it:

Or is there an even better way?
I circled the strokes which differe for easier comparison.

that is all. thanks.
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Hey. thanks for replying. well that's what I always considered too, but that exercise applies some weird stuff for alternate picking with sweep like patterns, so that kinda ruined my confidence lol.
like, check how it tells you to do the right hand picking:

I thought they were off at first but after messing around with them for a bit, it does feel easier to pick stuff that way in some sections, so now i'm not sure what the best way is, or if that's even a good way to do it, I just wanna prevent picking up bad habits haha.
If you're choosing between picks and hammers you've got to consider the sound and the ease - nearly everyone plays fast using combinations and sequences of these two "separate" techniques, but they choose which notes to pick based on accents and their own personal picking style. Paul Gilbert chooses where to hammer based on his preference for outside picking, Greg Howe the opposite, Frank Gambale based on where he can sweep.

Add in the fact that you could refinger almost anything to fit any of the three styles - let alone all the pure alternate picking and pure legato variations and you just have to do this -

Apply common sense.
Choose based on your strengths and weaknesses.