I am going to see a therapist tomorrow.

This afternoon

i came very close to committing suicide

because there is no salvation in god
because there is no salvation in people
because there is no salvation in self
and what else is there?
maybe no one knows what to say to this, maybe you don't want anyone to say anything to this.
but i find salvation in your words sometimes, and sometimes in birds and sometimes in stars and sometimes in children in the park, sometimes in thoughts, sometimes in regrets, sometimes in the places you would least suspect, like basketball games or stupid radio shows, or cigarettes.
that isnt meant to be poetry, (i swear the rhyming was unintentional)
its the truth,
keep looking,
its something a therapist cant show you,
something you have to find for yourself i suppose,
this is life and you're living it,
take it for what it is and fuuck whatever it isn't.
There are little things. Sure, people are dying around the world and cheating on each other and fighting and creating weapons to fuck everyone over with; hearts are always being broken, people are always crying. Still, a cup of hot cocoa will always be soothing, the mountains and ocean and stars will always be bigger than us, endorphins will always rush when you come, and hot showers will always, always feel great.

We're nothing but a pile of bones and nerves but in them are worlds. You are an amazing piece of soul. There is meaning to everything if you believe it to be.
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