If you're near the top (I can't be arsed to look up a seating plan for you) it's pretty damn high. Not unbearable, but high nonetheless.
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i saw england play at wembley like right at the top...going up the escalators is pretty bad if you don't like heights but once you get up there its a great experience

maybe this is more true for football than music because you can see the tactical side of football from further away but generally its better to be closer to the music...

anyway, basically it seems like you're pretty high, but don't worry, its still good
Wow, you got some bad seats.

I was in standing space for AC/DC, but sat at some seats in block 124.

So we standing just above the crowd, and could see the stage perfectly.

Whereas I pity you. You're higher - not extreme though - and at the opposite end to the stage.
Sunn O))):
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I was about where you are when i went to see AC/DC. It's quite a distance but it really doesn't take away from the experience that much.

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