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Yamaha SG 1000
3 19%
Jackson DK2
13 81%
Voters: 16.
Yuppo guys as title says.

I play pretty much Metal to blues to rock, heck i even play slide at times and more recently ive been learining Jazz and been learning chicken picking.

when I play live i play through a VOX stack.

Thing is ive played the Jackson before and loved it.

For the Yamaha ive youtubed it and i know Sanata used to play one and loved the sound.

So yeah.

I live in aplace where theres no decent guitar shoip i have to travel like 10 miles to london to play so yeah.
Go for the Jackson DK2- a great guitar for the price-

and travel the ten miles to try out the guitars! You're making the investment, might as well make a day out of it

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the sg 1000 is one of my favorite guitars. But, they are two very different guitars. Jackson is a slimmer faster guitar and the Yamaha is a meaty tone monster.
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if your getting into jazz and chicken picking then the Yamaha is hands down better for that style.
Definitely the yamaha for sound. Play it first though - it's a very thick bodied guitar and may disagree with your ribs. If you're used to playing les pauls and such you should be fine though.