looking for a studio condenser mic to get by christmas. has to be fairly cheap (preferably under 150USD). i will be using it primarily for miking electric guitar (mainly clean & light OD to medium gain) via an ART tube MP USB with phantom power. so far i'm looking at the MXL990, audio technica AT2020, and MXL 992.
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condenser mics are good for vocals...but i think dynamic mics would be better if you're going to mic an amp. I would recommend the shure sm57 for guitar amps. but if you have your heart set on a condenser i would recommend the AKG perception 120. they are both around 100 bucks but it is wayyy worth it. i use both of these constantly. I just recorded a track with using nothing but my perception 120, you can have a listen to it in my profile. its called floating city. It was my first time using logic but you can hear how well it picks up vocals and guitars too.

dont get the MXL990 it may be cheaper, and its pretty good for it's price, but if you are willing to spend a little more, the perception definitely beats it by 10000x

i dont know anything about any of the other mics you mentioned so this is all the insight i can offer you so good luck
i forgot to mention the perception. and from everything i've heard, condenser mikes give the guitar a more spacious and larger sound. and i'm recording just guitar over single drum tracks, so it doesnt need to cut very much - i figure this style is more suited to a condenser
If you don't talk to your kids about GAS, who will?
whats wrong? i'm just saying what i read, i'm going to head to guitar center to try some things out soon and just wanted a couple things to check. the reason i want a condenser is because i like recordings i've heard of guitar with a condenser. it seems to suit vintage amps better than dynamics, and i'm playing through a vintage style amp i built. i will be using the mic for several things - primaraly guitar, occasionally drums (latin style not a full kit) acoustic instruments (uke, mandolin, violin, acoustic guitar) and bass.
If you don't talk to your kids about GAS, who will?
Quote by iheartmy7
whats wrong? i'm just saying what i read

The problem is that your distilling knowledge that is falsely spread ad verbatim.

I'd advisable not to listen to what you're told but to find out for yourself through direct experience, or from listening to someone you know who genuinely knows what they're talking about, not some random poster on UG who thinks he has a clue about anything recordings related.
okay then, i didnt realise this was the "everyone be a dick and dont help me thread"

i'll start from scratch i guess...

i dont like playing in bands, so i want to start recording in a small bed room studio that i can use to produce simple songs with simple recording techniques and simple instruments.

the majority of what will be recorded is electric guitar - via a matchless DC30 clone, used primarily for large open clean sounds with some beatles-esque crunch tones and a medium gain bluesy lead. i have a full understanding of recording basics and am very savy in the guitar and amp department. i've recorded songs before, but in a metal band environment without using any of my own equipment. i do not know much about different microphones however, such as what each type does, and what brands and models are perfect for everything.

i dont want a microphone that is 100 percent perfect. i just want it to recreate my guitar without sounding like the shit i have (a low quality sure directly in my sound card). i know that i need an interface for recording into any program, and i have a lot of various programs.

i've used and heard an ART tube MP before, and love the sound of it - therefore i am buying the MP with USB interphase out into protools to record tracks i can layer onto backing tracks created with propellerhead reason 4. i watched a recording microphone video from audix demoing a few mikes and prefered the sound of the condenser mike for my style and taste.

what microphone would you suggest i buy with a 200 dollar or less budget?
If you don't talk to your kids about GAS, who will?
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Well you had my advice about 4 posts ago (which was a Rode Nt1a - a condenser mic as you said you wanted, and a nice one to boot) , no one is being a dick to you, just pointing out that you made an statement that was wrong.

Other things you've got wrong so far, you can't use protools without a digidesign or suitable M-Audio interface (which the unit you specified isn't) - and yes that means you can't pirate it, it's a tough world... Also you probably don't want to get a tube pre-amp that is that cheap that will unnecessarily colour your sound.
pretty much every time a guitar amp is miked with a condenser, it's also miked with 1+ moving coils. the condenser is usually just mixed in later to get more of the room. not saying you can't mic an amp solely with condensers, you just probably won't want to unless you really know what you're doing and have a very specific sound you want to get.

to answer your question, i'd say definitely stay away from the cheap MXLs -- out of ten, you might get 1 decent mic (and they still aren't good at all). i don't like the perceptions much, either. if you don't mind going used, look for an akg c1000. they tend to go for around ~$120 on your local CL.

edit: rode nt1a's a pretty good option, as well.
thanks more so. as for the protools thing... you can use protools M-powered with other interfaces. at least its worked for me before, but it could have just been by chance. however i have cakewalk, cubase, and ableton as well. along with several virtual instrument and processing programs. i guess i'll take back my wanting a condenser. how about sure sm57 vs beta57 vs Sennheiser e609 vs. sennheiser e906?
If you don't talk to your kids about GAS, who will?