hi, i have just brought a gibson les paul studio in alpine white and its is awesome. before buying this guitar i also brough a set of EMG 81 & 85................. should i switch out the stocks 490R and 498T? i play metal, punk and some classic rock, and would be going with the 18v EMG mod if switching.
Please give me some ideas
If you like the sound of EMGs, go for it. I would suggest getting someone with experience to help you in the swap if you don't have much experience in this.
Personally, I'd put passive seymour duncans, but that's just me :P
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if the stock pickups will cut it then i'd keep those. i'm not a big fan of EMGs, so i don't want to sound biased. but i really do believe passives are more versatile. anyway, if you're looking for some serious punch i don't think there's any question that EMGs do that the best. all depends on what you think of the stock pickups
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The Gibson Pickups are great for it. Tweek your amp a bit if you need to.
If the 498T is anything like the 500T in the bridge of my Flying V, there's no need to swap it out. It's one of my favorite OEM pickups out there and it sounds raunchy/dirty with great harmonics. However I did swap out the 496R in my neck for a Seymour Duncan 59' for it's cleans and clarity.
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yeah, i had the normal 490r 498t setup in my old les paul, and stupid me wanted to change the pickups, i wish i kept the stockers back in there, id probably still have that guitar if i did.
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imo, the emg's are 'cleaner' than the stock pickups, especially with the 18v mod. i played a friend's lp with my old stock gibson pickups in it, and they're really hot and aggressive.

if you like the sound now, keep them in. i just don't know why you bought an emg set.
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