Finally, I have made a decent fast paced Thrash/my own style type song. I kept it simple, only adding lead guitar on the chours. But I mixed using Catharsis Studio Impluses. Played it in drop B. I know my lead sucks but I tried.

What do ya'll think?


Leave me a linky and I'll crit yours.
Nice. I thought the intro was a bit off beat, but I liked it. Great tone coming from a Squier. Other than the fact that it's not really that fast paced at all, I think this one is pretty good.

Crit mine? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1231286
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Thanks, it is a bit off beat in the beginning. Its fast paced for me, my thrash is really not much of thrash, since its too slow, but when I dont use drums, everybody tells me its more thrashy sounding, since I can play faster.

I actually already crited your.
Not very fast-paced. You really need to woodshed and get your technique up. You have no shortage of ideas but right now you can't express them sine you don't have the technique. And you can't play faster without drums, it's just even less controlled (been there, done that). Practice, practice, practice!!

And Behind the sun by RHCP is an awesome tune, love the bassline.
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I actually have never heard Behind The sun by RHCP, so I didnt know that they had the same song title, it happens.

I know, I think my Squier is holding me back a bit, I'm working on a new 7 string, hopefully that will improve my technique since its better designed.
Like I noticed someone else say. The timing is a bit off at times.
To improve that, always make sure that you're feeling the pulse with your whole body. Tap the quarter notes with your feet and move along with your body in eight notes (to further divide the rythm into smaller pieces that you can use as guidlines for playing tighter and more in time.
The riffs are quite nice but the lead has no direction what so ever. Instead of just filling it up with notes, find a simple melody and play that melody instead. Then add one or two notes here and there to it to add some variation.

Keep it up bro!
Definitely some good potential in there! It seemed like in it's current state it didn't really have much of a direction, so that and timing would be two good things to work on. Keep it up man!