hey guys, im dead interested in this amp, its a preowned valve amp, of 50w, with apperently diode clipping to help add MOAR GAIN. (lol)
now i love the sound of it, it really went well with my explorer. but for the life of me, i cant find much about it. apparently some(or all , i dont know) have a 25/50 watt switch ont he back for quieter music.
a few of the Harmony centeral reviews are quite bad also.
if you have any more info about this amp i would be very greatful.
its going to replace a valveking. and is £449.
Depending on what you play it will eat a Valveking for breakfast (except maybe for cleans). It may actually, believe it or not, have too much gain.

What do you play?

Not sure about the 25/50 switch but I would leave her in 50w all the time.


(PS...never played one)
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Do you know, is it the 2500 or the 4500 series? (High Gain or Dual Reverb.) The High Gain or 2500's are the more respected of the JCM 900's, however they are both very nice amps.

The thing I would warn you about is that they like to be turned about to about 5ish (around 12 o'clock) and that's when it'll blow you away tone wise.

I used to own a Dual Reverb and I kinda miss that nice Marshall roar.
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its the dual reverb, whats the diff with the DR and the high gain variant,
it sounds nice at the store, but im taking both of my main guitars to the shop later, and if they both sound good on it ill make a deposit methinks.
turning them up is no problem!

311, i have found my VK to be muddy at times, i play metallica,megadath and not much heavier, although i do like a high gain sound, i dabble in whitesnake, kiss, some ozzy, but then again i do like to turn it around for some cleans now and again, chordal songs, pop, soul. i can work with poor cleans, im more into a dirty that isnt muddy tho and its sounds good to me.

Thanks both for your input, much appreciated, i do like to knwo what im getting before i get it

Eddy the Edit,--- I have a crappy single button switch for an mg30dfx, will this work fine in switching the channel on the 900?
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I own the 50 watt 1x12 Dual Reverb so here's my take:

The cleans will absolutely be better than the VK's, the cleans are pretty nice to my ears.

The drive is really pretty good for your typical 90's alternative, along with a boost it can hit metal very nicely.

What do you play? 90's alternative, some thrash and most modern rock are very hittable with this amp.
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The difference between the High Gain and Dual Reverb is that the HG doesn't have the clipping diodes, it's more of a straight up JCM 800 2203/2204 with a gain boost. The Dual Reverb's have reverb unlike the HG's and they have the clipping diodes, they're comparable to the JCM 800 2205/2210.

As for the footswitch, it typically uses a 2 button, one for channels and one for reverb. So I'm not sure if a single button footswitch would work, but I don't think it'd hurt anything to plug it in.
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