Okay, so maybe not that many... Just a bunch of questions. Feel free to answer any that you know the answer to. Thanks!

* What's best way to run line-level pedals through loop?

* What's your favorite way to run stereo effects?

* Is there a right or wrong way to run stereo effects?

* Splitting signal in loop into FX return and second amplifier?

* What about splitting into second cab?

* Is there a way to cross connect two heads for stereo effects?

* Best place to run whammy pedal? (Yes, I know it's subjective)

So, if you can't tell, I'm big into stereo delay and want to figure out the best/most effective way to wire it. I don't have a stereo amp, but plenty of mono amps to play with. By "best way" I mean "best way according to you". Maybe someone knows of an amp with two FX returns? Also, feel free to ask any questions of your own! Peace
I run my Whammy pedal at the start of my chain (i.e. Guitar -> whammy -> other pedals -> amp) rather than in my loop. I found it sucked tone in the loop.
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and if you have more than one amp (each having effects loops) i'm also assuming you've tried putting each send into the two inputs, and then outputting to the respective returns.

i wouldnt mess around with splitting effects loops - you can run into some weird electrical mismatches if you arent careful.
I guess I haven't done since I had been splitting the signal with my delay pedal. Therefore, I'd need an A/B/Y to split the signal to go into the front of both amps.
give it a try. make sure that input 1 and output 1 are the same amp, and input 2 and output 2 are the other amp. the only mess might be line levels like you talked a bit about earlier, since the pedal only has one control, but still give it a try.