Epic stuff. MIDI doesn't quite do it justice though, it's time you recorded this for real.
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wow., real professional. great solo, and the bit around 4:35 is just epic! compositionally sound, get it recorded. sorry I couldnt be of more help.
Really interesting sounding stuff. The melodies were simple yet alot of them weren't what I expected them to be. It started of kinda neoclassical-ish but then it became folk-ish which was really nice ! Really original shit bro.
As an instrumental it's kinda boring. It would rule with some power metal vocals though!
What do you have in mind for it?
Lovely atmosphere in this song, ever heard Sentenced?

Anyway, on to the crit:

Takes too long to get started in my opion - I´d cut away quite a bit of the intro. The transition is rather weird and unsmooth.

I love how the drums cut away for verse 1, however the vocal melody is a bit overly simple. I think that melody, possibly in another instrument + a more varied vocal melody could do great.

The chorus is a bit bland and could really use a more powerful melody in the vocals with more movement and possibly some bigger steps.

The guitar solo feels very chopped up, and hearing the verse melody again two times doesn´t really add much. I´d rather just kick it off from the start, open with the first few notes of the verse melody then head off into 16th notes and possibly some triplet runs.

Again, the keyboard solo doesn´t add too much to the song in my opinion.

I think this song could be amazing with some more variety and powerful melodies. Right now it gets rather repetitive/bland though, I´m afraid. If you want me to be more specific in my critique, please tell. Also, sorry if I sound harsh - just want to provide ways for imrovement!

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