Hi, I play mostly classic hard rock, but also a bit of blues and 70s style punk. I've been looking on the internet for a new amp for a while now, and I came across the Peavey Windsor Half stack. Its price is amazing for what it is, and it seems perfect for me. I have a fender mexican telecaster.

Bands I play include: The Hives, Turbonegro, Rolling Stones, The Who, Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, Black Sabbath, Guns N' Roses, Red Hot Chili Peppers, White Stripes, and The Black Keys. Will the windsor cover all these and how well?

I'm willing to spend around £300-400 for a new amp. Feel free to suggest other amps to me if you don't think the windsor is good.

But my main question is: What are UG's opinions on the windsor? Will it suit me well and play all them? And also, what is a nice cheap cab I can get which will go with it nicely? Thanks!
I have never played a Peavey Windsor, but going on your influences I would suggest something Marshally, look at ValvePower, they are really great amps, especially for Classic Rock
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I was interested in them, but they're quite a bit more expensive. And plus I don't know how reliable thats going to be- I don't want to carry around a backup if I choose to do a gig, and also if something goes wrong with it, how do I know I'll get it fixed?

Also forgot to add: if you suggest me another amp, it MUST be able to get over a band EASILY.
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The Windsor will easily cover The Who, Led Zep, AC/DC, GNR, White Stripes, and The Black Keys, Black Sabbath, and The Hives.
The only one I'm iffy about is RHCP. Many people say it's not a "clean" amp, although videos on youtube suggest otherwise, that lowering the pre amp gain will get sparkly cleans that when used with single coils, practically plagiarize Frusciante and all those other guitarists that love bright cleans.

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I have never played a Peavey Windsor, but going on your influences I would suggest something Marshally, look at ValvePower, they are really great amps, especially for Classic Rock

Peavey Windsors are "Marshally".
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Something else. I owned a Windsor for a couple of weeks. There are much better amps out there.
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Peavey Windsors are "Marshally".

windsors are marshally, yes, but the valvepower is a handwired clone.


the VP would work well (especially with a boost) for most of the stuff listed, but I'm not too familiar with a couple of the bands listed, turbonegro etc.

EDIT: i'm not sure what you mean by "more expensive", that's the same price as the windsor, unless thomann has brought back that 200 euro blowout deal.
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