do you think it would be cheaper to buy a grill during the Winter, or during Spring?
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erm... wait for the january sales?

well i ask because my mom wants to get one for my step-dad for christmas but he says wait til spring cause it will be cheaper
my hovercraft is full of eels
boxing-day, everythings cheap
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Don't wait too long, or they may burn up their stocks.
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Depends on the store. Some places offer discounts in the spring to encourage sales when people want them, and some offer them in the winter to get rid of inventory.

Or discounts during both/neither seasons as well. Just research it online.
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Black Friday sales? You could always buy used, too.
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I'd say in winter.. they'll be this years version, but if you don't care about tiny little cosmetic updates, you'll be sorted.
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my hovercraft is full of eels