I remember there was much debate about these amps when they first came out. Many people loved them, while others hated them. Now that they have been out for a few months and the anticipation/debate's have settled down, is there a clear consensus as to how these amps are? I've been looking to pick up a bedroom/jam amp, something around 5-20 watts. Both of these have intrigued me. Now I'm curious as to what other people's opinion's are on them

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I have played on a night train and i absolutely loved it. It gets this really chime like clean. Sounded great with a tele. Then i played with as much gain as guitar center would let me have on an SG. It sounded really good. Not really suited for metal. But i liked it. Seemed bluesy when i wanted it to be, and could get some good rock sounds. But nothing insanely heavy. Im looking into buying it myself actually. Just need the cash!
I liked the Night Train better, but the Haze is a nice sounding amp too.

Just try both of them out, and see which one you like.
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I've only tried the Haze, I thought it was pretty good. I hear a speaker swap does wonders with it though.
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