I like it alot, its very well structured, and just overrall a good song. I liked the lyrics, I just wish they where louder and more defined. I really love your voice, for being a brit you have a very american voice.

Crit mine?
I'll start off by saying VERY good song man! Everything works together and flows well, it doesn't seem repetitive, and you have a great voice that really fits the style. I hate doing this since it doesn't help you at all, but I honestly can't think of any specific problems with the song. Just keep it up man! Also, on a side note, your voice kind of reminds me of Pearl Jam.
nice intro, like the tone and what the guitar is playing,
voice is nice, but I've already told you that
I didn't like the part that comes in at 01:12 that much, maybe a solo or melody over it?
02:00 what i'm guessing is the chorus, is nice
soothing build-up afterwards
yeah i'm digging the chorus it's good!

crit mine? you can choose
You've gotten a much better sound for the vocals this time around. I guess you moved a bit closer to the mic. Good performance too.

The mix as such is a bit too noisy for my taste. The highs on the drums are piercing so once the hi-hat, snare and cymbals enter it becomes too much. The slightly overdriven guitar has the same problem, it's also too loud in the mix; the vocal gets kind of buried for the chorus.

I would also like to see a little bit of movement in the bass for the second half of the second verse, that would add some much-needed variation while allowing the song to move more effectively towards the chorus. As it is now there's a weird kind of pause that's not really a pause right before the chorus.

Another good song though, it's just that it could be a whole lot better.
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S2Hedgehog - Thanks very much mate, any words are always appreciated!!

Freth - Cheers mate, I'll have a look at chucking in a solo perhaps!

ebon00 - Thanks as always, I went back to basics with an SM58, and sung a lot closer to it. I see what you mean about the cymbals, they are really harsh on the ear, I'll try and add a low pass to that and the guitar.

Do you think I should get rid of that pause then?

Thanks a lot mate