SHREDAS - Untitled Experiment

Could y'all listen to it and tell me what you think?
I don't really know what to think. It's quite an interesting idea I guess but I don't know how listenable it is. I was just inspired and it flowed rather naturally, but it's kinda odd.
Any comments whatsoever are appreciated.

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It sounded pertty good, it was kinda like a mix of the 90's rythem metal and the 80's style shread. But it didnt fit well, it was kind just randomly in places. But its just in the Idea stage, right? If you sturctured it some and gave it parts, I think it could have pontintial.

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I have DEFINITELY heard that intro vocal effect somewhere before. Now onto the track...
I think it has a lot of potential, but you need to structure it and take the echo off of your growling. Right now, it feels a bit disjointed. Keep up the good work with this one though, I think it might be going places.

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Thanks dudes! This is definatly the kind of help I'm looking for.
It is indeed by no means an attempt at making a structured song.
I was just recording ideas as they came and uploaded it to see if any of them are in any way useable.
I'd like to know which parts I should focus on developing more in the song in particular.

I'll crit your stuff when I come back from school (kinda in a rush right now).
You others, give it a listen and I'll crit your stuff too!
The individual pieces of this song are actually quite good. The first one kinda of reminds me of some kind of Priest song, haha. I didn't like the growling part that much, though the riff was quite cool. There's kind of a 70's wibe almost. Sort of Jethro Tullish(Aqualong, like the only song I've heard :P) and after that it reminded me of Hotel California. I think you could actually make this a song by structurizing it and try to tie em together, which can almost be the hardest part, haha. Bra jobbat!

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