I'm looking at buying a jackson sl2h usa soloist. This soloist comes in alder, or mahogany for a price increase of about $600(depending on the finish you want). I got to play the alder version at guitar center, and it was hands down the best guitar I've ever played. They did not have mahogany in stock however, and there is nowhere else I can possibly go to play alder and mahogany side by side. Has anybody played both that can give an opinion as to the difference? Or just anyone in general who feels sure enough to comment? As a note I have no alder guitars but I do already have a mahogany guitar, with similar pickups when compared with the jackson's, so I'm considering getting alder simply for more tonal variety( though the mahogany guitar I have can't even compare to a usa jackson). Plus $600 certainly is a far cry from insignificant. Thanks very much.
They are sweet guitars. Alder is lighter in weight I think, possibly brighter too. $600 for a USA...that sounds pretty cheap to me, they are about $1800 no?.

EDIT i read your post wrong, yeah $600 is a lot for that. A big slab of good mahogany is only $50
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No I'm sorry if you misunderstood. It's $600 MORE with mahogany. $1800 for alder(assuming lowest expense finish) and $2400 for SL2H-MAH or SL2H-MAHQ

*edit sorry as well :P you hadn't edited your post when I typed it up
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So do you think I should go with alder then? I mean $600 is a lot but I just want the best guitar in the end. I wish I could try the mahogany :/
Mine is alder, it sounds great to me. For the money, yeah I would keep the $600 for something else.

sorry for the deleted post, didn't mean to make you look like you double posted...
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Alright thanks I appreciate it. Have you ever heard or played a mahogany soloist? And if price wasn't a factor would you still pick alder?
Not a soloist, but some other mahogany guitars. If price wasn't a factor I would go Mahogany, but $600 is a big factor.
Alright thanks I'll take it into consideration. Hah for $600 I could get a decent backup
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No I'm sorry if you misunderstood. It's $600 MORE with mahogany. $1800 for alder(assuming lowest expense finish) and $2400 for SL2H-MAH or SL2H-MAHQ

*edit sorry as well :P you hadn't edited your post when I typed it up

What are between mah and mahQ?
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Mahogany will give you a darker tone, whereas alder will give you a brighter tone. As for weight, I'm not sure, I have a mahogany guitar and it's lighter than my alder strat, but Tempoe said alder is lighter so it could be the construction or thickness. I'd personally go for the alder one. A $600 difference for the body wood is too much IMO, and if you loved the alder one, then there's no reason to go for something that might not be what you're looking for.


mah vs. mahq is flamed maple top vs. quilted maple top, theyre the same price. hmm yeah I'm probably going to go with the alder one.
For straight rock n roll, I like mahogany. For shred or 80's style metal, I prefer alder. Personally I like my superstrats to be alder or basswood.
As an SL2H owner, I vouch for the Alder body. The sound is magnificent on my SL2H, and I attribute it to the high quality piece of Alder that Jackson used for the body. It is not too bright either, a criticism that some Alder guitars get, and the notes resonate for a freakishly long time.

Since you have a mahogany guitar anyway, you might as well go for the Alder- to be honest, the $600 difference in price isn't worth it to me at least, especially considering you'd be paying a premium for something you already have.

Good choice with the Jackson- the JB and 59' combo is extremely versatile.

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