part one
part two

you always used to take me places. one time you took me and Nick
in your big Ford F-250 to a warehouse with a colossal train set.
it was "As big as a house", you claimed. we stood and watched the trains go 'round as
you told us stories about when you used to work for a train company,
and how beautiful of creatures trains were.
My back hurt, and so did my feet. I was tired of standing.
you would name off the types of trains that went by,
and I would say "That's cool", and Nicks eyes stayed glued to his GameBoy.

another time you took me to a shooting range.
you preached about how unsafe guns were,
then handed me a little .22 rifle and helped me shoot a paper man in the forehead.
you wouldn't let me shoot your colt .45, though,
"maybe one day when you're big enough to kick my ass", you said.
"Okay, cool."
Today I feel electric grey
I hope tomorrow, neon black
I've read the 3 parts. They're cool stories, but for now i didn't found that thing that make me "click" with the story. Maybe later it's isn't over yet ?
It starts coming together in the next part.
Today I feel electric grey
I hope tomorrow, neon black
i'm curios to see the next part. this wasn't my favorite of the series, tbh. i think it was the second one that i enjoyed most. they all share the same kind of narrator which is good, i want to see where you go with this. i'll keep reading. also, were this all written at the same time or are you posting them as you write them?
I'm definitely waiting to the end to comment properly, but so far, I haven't felt anything at all in any of these pieces. Your saying sorry, fine, but I really couldn't care less. Hopefully that reason for caring will come soon.
I'm working on being impressed, really I am, but you're on a roll with all the numbers: it's like a stockholders meeting at GM: .22 won't be good enough guys, go for the .45!