So its that time again... the time to look for a new guitar!

Currently I'm using an MIJ Jackson DKMG with an EMG 81/85 set in it for most of my live and recorded music and its been getting knocked about a lot. I'm also beginning to tire of the floyd rose set up

Unfortunately the two guitars I originally had in mind (A schecter C1 Blackjack and the ESP LTD Viper 400) have been discontinued. I'm sure they would be pretty easy to pick up second hand but I'm looking for some other suggestions just in case.

Preferably something with an EMG 81/85 pickup set (i've grown to like this set up a LOT with my amp these days), tune-o-matic/string through bridge, good quality, more traditional shops so NO RETARDED LOOKING Vs etc etc

As for price range... I'm in the UK so somewhere around the £600 - £700 mark!
Also - schecter hellraisers are a NO GO, as good as they are... I just wouldn't really like to own one. As far as my taste goes, the original blackjack was a far better guitar.
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the Epiphone SG Prophecy? They are pretty much twins to the Viper 400. Theres an option with Burstbuckers and one with EMGs. Check them out!

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A friend had suggested them actually and I know its picky... but ESP/LTDs take on the SG shape is much better to my eyes!

I like how they slanted the body shape haha
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The Viper 400 still exists... as the Viper 401, that is (nothing changed except now they are made in Indonesia).
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Gibson Flying V with some EMGS?
or try sticking EMGS in an Agile or somthing.

No V shapes man

And yeah i'd seen the LTD 401, i was interested in the build quality though given that they changed the manfucture location to indonesia from korea
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