This may sound really stupid but take it from a non guitar player whos just picking it up for the first time

Now, I have read and researched how to read tabs and I understand this part but where/how/is there anywhere that tells you how your meant to pluck.

I know what string/fret my left fingers need to be at but what about the right hand plucking?

Sorry for the NOOB question.
Not entirely sure what you mean. If it doesnt say anything, than just do it how it feels best for you, if its a fast song try alternate picking. If the song uses any special kind of picking, like galloping, there will probably be a something above that part telling you
;( If you're going to be serious about guitar... I think you should learn music notation as your primary source of reading. Sure it's harder for some people but in the long run it will pay off! I started on tabs... and I want to go serious on guitar and have to learn music notations (which I believe is harder than tabs) Tabs can also indicate rhythm sometimes but not all the time. Tabs is still good though... not saying its bad. But what do you mean by pluck? like... pluck with your fingers? is this bass? umm... like palm muting? or telling you up and down?
Well, let's say you're meant to press the 2nd fret on the A string...just pluck the A string as soon as your finger is on the second fret

If it's an open note (i.e. don't fret anything) the tab notation will just say 0 on the string you are meant to play.
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