I,ve been playing guitar for 3 years now and im a very well player, so in order to progress i made up mind and tried to made 5 songs.

After 2 weeks of stressing chords, tunes and weird lead guitars,Felt like MENTAL SUICIDAL!, i made music i really dont like , i like FallOutBoy, RedHotChilliPepper, Metallica, Nirvana and i wanted to make songs alike their music, but it just dont get flow naturally, songs go slow and kind of romantic, also when i go rock i go same chord progression and i stuck on the same progression always seems like i hit rock bottom.

Its been hell since i tried to progress by making songs, but dont fell like keep playing songs and learning songs and forgetting songs i dont see the progress on that. i just get stuck and stuck everyday, playin the same music everyday , someone take me out of this hole, WHAT CAN I DO ABOUT THIS ?!

BTW i didnt write any lyrics dont mind about that xD
okay all the problems seem very FoB related, so ditch that.

as for writing songs, go over your scales, and if you are trying to make a sweet chord progression, try to give it some bite by throwing in some other notes, rather than the boring old powerchords, assuming thats what you're using.

good luck brahhhh
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Not really , dont focus the thread on FOB its just my fav band, Power Chords are my main weapon but i tried to add a lot of leadguitar , also 2 songs on Chords and scales,

OK, what does a guitarrist do when he fell stuck ?
your stuck because your righitng for, iny my opinion... if all you like is improvisnig and jaming just do that... dont feel obligiated to write songs becasue "thats what guitairists do"

dont force it so u can be a musician... if you do this now it could ruin a more mature love for music with more integrity down teh road where yure in a place where u dont care3 if you make it... dont ruin music by writing for teh wrong reason
Gues you,re right but still, Im focusing on Musical Theory and playing solos, but fell like stuck, i know theres somethign im missing
Hey. I hear u and I've been where u r right now. What i would do to solve this problem of yours is to listen to the bands u love and try to play their stuff. That way you learn the ways of how other people make their music and will help u get ideas on how to do make your own. Trust me, it works! It will help u if u keep taking lessons (online, DVDs, etc.) and keep practicing (doing exercises and practicing songs) to get you where u need to be. Right now I got to be the way I am in how i play things because of the reason why i took lessons, practiced my butt off, and use those lessons i took to make songs and to play other people's songs. My advice to you is to not give up and keep doing what you love. I'm going on my 7th year of playing guitar and I had struggled in the same area to the point where it started to bug and annoy me. But my friend said to me to start playing other people's stuff and maybe you'll get an idea of making your own music that is based on what you listen to. Hope this advice is helpful to you.

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Learn to play the songs you like, then analyse them to work out what it is you like about them and use those concepts in your own writing - but don't expect yourself to write something brilliant right away. It takes time. Just keep writing and learning from each song, and your writing should start to move towards what you want.

Lessons can help a lot - I can learn more in an hour with my teacher than I can in amonth of messing about by myself.
Ignore those who pay out a band you like. Whilst FOB may not be everyone's thing, they are far more successful than anyone else who has posted on this thread.

As Zhilla said, learn songs that you like. The next step is to consider them from a music theory angle - what do they do that you like? The bands that you have listed largely stick to the rules surrounding application of keys and scales to their songs, so once you identify how they wrote their songs, you can also imitate and write you own which are similar.
And no, Guitar Hero will not help. Even on expert. Really.
Agreed. No man or woman on Earth will be able to shred guitar on their first try. And yes playing Guitar Hero on expert does NOT count as a guitar playing method. Trust me. I know. Practice hard and take lessons as you go along your playing skills, and "then you'll be a pro" (a quote from Nacho Libra). You'll be a influence to other people besides you being influenced by others. :-)
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