Hello good people!

A couple of days ago a friend managed to throw a ball at my love's(Gibson SG) head. One of its tuners broke off and another got bent, but still works. There's a nasty little scratch there too, but I can live with that!

Now I'm considering whether I should replace all the tuners or just the two that are broken. I'm also wondering how much it'll cost and what brand I should choose. My standard tuners keeps the guitar pretty well tuned, and I'm happy with them.

PS: Is it a good idea to do it myself?

So.. What are your thoughts on this sad matter?
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Edit: But really it seems to me that replacing them all may be your best bet. That way they all match and you can get an upgrade. It should cost you like 70 or so dollars I believe. I don't know where to buy individual tuning heads, but if you can find some then why not I guess?
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Nice! Should I get somebody to fix it or do it myself? Is new drilling neccesary, or can I plug the new ones into my broken baby?

What's 14:1 and 18:1 gear ratios?
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I say do it your self but if you have to drill new screw holes, fill the old ones with toothpicks(and glue)

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