I've been contemplating a new amp for a long time now. At the start of my search Bugera had just started selling their amps and after hearing about the reliability issues I was put off, despite falling in love with the tone. Anyway, it seems that the issues have been sorted out and now that they're on Thomann, they are back on as a possibility.

I've looked into them and right now i'm liking both the 333 and the 6262. I'm not quite sure what the 333 is supposed to be a clone of, but to me it just looks like a 6262 with an extra EQ for the same price. I'm sure this isn't the case, so can anyone fill me in on how they're different and which you'd prefer, playing these styles/bands:

(Healthy Mix)

-Bullet For My Valentine
-Bring Me The Horizon
-All Time Low
-Enter Shikari
-Foo Fighters
-The Devil Wears Prada
-Between The Buried and Me

Hopefully someone can help.

p.s. How good are the stock speakers in the 2x12 combo's of both if these amps?
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The 333XL is supposed to be a clone of the Peavey JSX, it has 3 channels, dunno about the 333XL, but the JSX can get great metal tones, and some decent rock tones
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the 333XL isn't voiced as "dark" as the 6262. They both sound great, but IMHO the 333XL on gain 10 is about the 6262 on gain 6 or so, which is still enough for most metal, but if your a gain ***** like me, you'll want that extra.

i find on my 6262 that the difference between gain 7 and 10 isn't all that great. however 7 is still a heck of alot.

i love my 6262, especially for what i paid ($500 out the door brand new!). I haven't changed the stock speakers, but they are not bad. They aren't top of the line speakers(you can't expect that at this price), but they sound very good IMHO.
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Both amps would work with you for those bands... The 6262 has a little more gain, although I find the 333XL a lot smoother, and responds really well to being boosted, very smooth lead tones for soloing and you can get some very heavy rhythm tones.

333XL has the noise gate and line out, if that matters to you at all. I play very similar music to what you play (not exclusively, but still) and I bought the 333XL... it covered all bases well.

Stock speakers aren't great, you might want to swap them out. They're okay, but there's improvement to be had.
I liked the 333 myself. I would have got the XL but i like the dampening switch on the back and didn't feel the noise gate was needed.

I didn't like the 6262 as much it felt too fizzy, but still badass.

both are great choices and i suggest you try them you will know immediately which one is right for you.

I will prolly get a 6262 in time. Thats the beauty of bugera.
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