New one. Need a good title for it. Only the first verse and chorus. Enjoy

Verse 1A
The other side of town
Has so many different characters
Like a fairy tale
Minus the things that makes them magical
Drugs and suicide
Make me feel like I am dreaming
Someone wake me up now
So I can get back to my life of innocence

Verse 1B
Dried up chicken bones
Are mixed with the garbage that surrounds me
I like the sound they make
After I have, trampled upon them
There’s a rugged dog
I wonder where his owner ran off to
I just keep on walking
Thinking about this jungle we’re living

Just another day in the life of a
Street side Entertainer
SX Furrian
Eastwood Mandocaster
Bugera v55
DigiTech DL8
Boss BD-2
Dean Markley Tuner

Gear Hitlist:
2x12 Cab