hey guys i just purchased a SWR WorkingPro 400 and now i need a cab. i can get a Gallien Krueger 115RBH Here for a good price. would this make a good setup? i am a bit unsure about getting a 1x15 and not a 4x10. would it be better to get a 4x10 and if possible later get a 1x15 or would a 1x15 be good by its self. the reason im unsure is because you never really see anyone with just a 1x15. any help would be greatly appreated. cheers
it depends on what sort of sound you want. 1x15 will give you much more low end but the 4x10 will give a heap more punch and more mids. i would say go for the 4x10 because it is a bit more of an all rounder and maybe invest in a 1x15 later on. maybe take this to the bass guitar forum for more answers.

EDIT: 311 he is talking about bass amps. i haven't ever seen a bass cab with 12 inch speakers.
I would get the 410 if you're going with a single cabinet setup...a 115 really cuts a lot of mids out if you use it by itself. Now a 410 + 115....