hey guys i just purchased a SWR WorkingPro 400 and now i need a cab. i can get a Gallien Krueger 115RBH Here for a good price. would this make a good setup? i am a bit unsure about getting a 1x15 and not a 4x10. would it be better to get a 4x10 and if possible later get a 1x15 or would a 1x15 be good by its self. the reason im unsure is because you never really see anyone with just a 1x15. any help would be greatly appreated. cheers
A 1x15 is more common that you think. What sound are you after? That could point us in the right direction.
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i play in a sort of progressive/ alternitive metal band. so stuff like tool, dream theater ect
I say look used and get both if you can. Also what kind of bass are you playing? and 4/5/6/83 strings?
I have both in a full stack. but I find that if i use just the 410 or just the 115 they both sound good, just very different. It depends on what tone you need for the kinda music.
Basically 15's have big heavy cones which enable them to tune low without losing efficiency but the big heavy cones struggle to reproduce the top end for a variety of reasons to do with the laws of physics. !0" speakers will be lighter and 'faster' and will cover the mids a lot better giving a crisper clearer tone, but they won't be as good at deep bass unless the cones are made heavier by the designer which trades bass for efficiency. Generally a 4x10 will have a slight volume advantage.

Note that this is all tends to and maybe because it is possible to fiddle with speaker design to alter the results so it is possible to build a deep 10 or a fast 15.

The only way to choose a speaker is to try it preferably with your own amp and definitely your own bass. If it gives the sound you want it is good whatever we knowalls say.
I'd go for the 4x10 and buy a 1x15 later. The range of tones of a 4x10 is much larger than a 15. IMO a 15 is good for extra deep tones but not for full range.
If you are more of a rhythmic bassist, then I would go for a 115. This pushes lots of low end and you can really feel your bass. But if you're more melodic I'd go for a 410, they are more about the melody.

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115 are better suited to the styles that need low end response but it comes with a lack of tonal range. On the other the hand the 410 has clarity and crisp high end but I personally dislike them for their lack of low end response.
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A good 4x10 produces more low end then a 1x15 generally. Now though a good 15 with 3015 in it is all youll ever need. If your in England and have got 400 punds to spend on a cab and 20 on postage get a barefaced 1x15 from alex claber.
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In my opinion 115s are much better than any type of standalone 10s. A lot of people would call me crazy (idiots, that is) but they are better.


I had a 2x10 with my trace 15 and it really didn't add much to my sound. Get a good 15 and you're set for life
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i think a 1x15 would be better if you play with a group because it has more low end to fill in the bass frequencies and sense your pushing all that power to 1 speaker should be just a hair louder then all the power devided between 4 speakers. but if you really want clarity and punch over folume and rumble the 4x10 is the way to go it would just be less volume in the lowest frequencys wich could hurt when playing with a group
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