I have a Line 6 UX1 to record guitar with, but after having it for about 8 months now, a lot of the tones in POD Farm seem to sound the same and the quality is not that good.

However, I do not have a sound card in my computer but I do not think that matters because I thought that the UX1 acts as a sound card.

There is a lot of latency and white noise and the distortion is so muddy and not clear at all.

Now I have saved up some money and I am wondering if I should get a sound card, a new interface, or something else.

I was considering getting something pro tools powered such as a good digidesign product but I don't know what I should be looking for.

What should I get?
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UX1 should be enough for semi-pro guitar tones in the box, it's not an amazing interface but I dont think it's what is at fault here.

In terms of simulation please read:


Pod Farm isnt that great for teh br00tz unless you have the metal pack and the speaker simulation is gash. I'd recommend Nick Crows 8505 with a Catharsis s-preshigh impulse from the fredman pack, coupled with Tubescreamers Secret plugin, because that's what all the smart kids are doing these days.

Other appropriate questions to ask, are you double tracking? Are you panning your two or more tracks 100% left and right respectively? Is there a bass guitar in the mix? If there is a bass guitar are you high passing the guitars at an appropriate frequency?

These sorts of things matter just as much as much, if not more than whatever interface you are using.
Stay away from USB. Go with Firewire interfaces, anything with decent pre's. I'd look into Pro tools M-Powered ones
I actually had the same problems with my UX2. The latency is an easy fix, just go to the prefrences and change your buffer. If you use a very small buffer there will be no latency but it will probably kill your computer it takes a lot of memory to run that small of a buffer. As you incress the buffer the cpu usage goes down but the latency will go up. So you'll have to find the sweet spot where you get little to no latency and your computer can handle the load.

As for the white noise, it's possible it's from your guitar and or cables. For example if you have say a Strat "without noiseless single coils" and your using the front pick up you would fully expect the 60 cycle hum. It's just a fact of life... you may want to check your cables, and you can always add a noise gate before the amp on pod farm to get rid of that hum!