are totally messed up now. I've been trying to mess with the two screws on the side of the pickups, and I feel like I'm stuck with a mediocre set up.

Honestly I went into this without much research, so could someone explain to me what the screw closest to the bottom of the guitar does and what the screw that's closest to the pickup switch does?

Are there any height measurements I should stick to? and how would I go about doing so?

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i guess from your question you have a pikcup switch at the top of your guitar?

both raise and lower the height of the pickup, each one does each side. so you can have a 'tilted' pickup, where it'll be higher one end than the other. When you fiddle with these screws it should be obvious what happens really, the pup should move up and down.

Why did you start fiddling in the first place? what did you want to achieve? unless you know what you want exactly then there is no reason to play with pickup height.

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closer to the strings will give more gain. lower from the strings will clean up the sound and yield clarity. I usually stick with 3mm away on the bridge, and 4 mm or so on the neck pickup.

its all preference tho.
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