Hey guys, we are recording a song, and the built in mic in my laptop has poor quality. I have garageband programming however, so I was curious if i can plug my guitar and amp in as usual and then just plug the back of the amp into the laptop? I want to be able to just play it through the computer and hopefully still get the sound from the amp effects. Thanks in advance for any help.
look into protools.
and you might need to upgrade your computer too.
i have a couple friends who looked into and found out
that the standard computer doesnt cut it.
check the specs from protools, or whatever program your using
i use garageband on my mac. and i have something called a "lightsnake" and it works farely well. it goes straight into the computer, and you can plug it into your amp to and use it like a monitor

but as i read again i don't really think thats what your wanting...so take my post for what its worth ha
You need to buy a recording box. I'm not sure what they're actually called, but they're these boxes you can stick 1/4" cords into. Couple that with a recording program like ProTools and you're set.

I don't remember what kind my friend has, but I was looking into getting one myself and I was thinking of this:
I have a Line 6 UX2 with POD Farm. I enjoy it very much.