Hey guys,

This is a song that I've been working on and just extended recently. I posted about the first half of this, the slower parts, a while back and here's where I'm at with the rest of it so far. I'm still not done but hoping for feedback at this point.

C4C of course.
Elevators In Rainbows.zip
Nice melody but the chord progression is too repetitive or so I think.
There is however one real problem here: bar 136. The chromatic sound D# on Guitar II is off-key and sounds bad with the other instruments. Even in itself too (reason might be, but I'm not sure, that in A minor, which you used, D is the dominant sound, if you raise it to D# then it becomes an augmented dominant which usually doesn't sound good).
In bar 128, Guitar I, you have another chromatic sound (A# or rather Bb, which makes it a flattened/minor 2nd) which is also not part of the key but doesn't feel false.
Bar 49 guitar 2 may sound good when recorded, but on guitar pro it sounds very.. Forceful and piercing on the ears. Same as guitar IV bar 37 also, for some reason it changes voice at bar 41 =s maybe this is just my guitar pro breaking xD

Very long, gave up sorry >_<
The Experience?
But anyway, really nice. Intro is a bit too long IMO, but really nice. I liked the solo Piano part. The next part (53-92) was really nice, but a little too long too. The arpeggios were nice, especially with the harmony. Piano arpeggios were unnecessary filler IMO, you should have went straight to bar 125. You need to find a different ending though. Considering the fact that you are yet to finish it, 9/10. Shorten up some of the parts.
Here's mine
I thought it was great; some of the chords get really tiring to hear though. Cut some parts down, or add in other parts with different chord progressions to change it up.

C4C? Anything from my sig could use it.