First off, I'm new here so I apologize if this is the wrong place for this thread(I'm fairly certain its not though)

I've played bass for about a year and a half now, and I've been in a pop-punk band, a rock/metalcore band, and messed around with an acoustic side project. I play a Palmer 4-string electric that I run into my Peavey TNT-115 Combo. I'm starting to get more interested in effects pedals and creating new sounds with them, so I'm looking for some advice.

The first pedal I got was a Boss DS-1 distortion. It's meant for guitar, but the band I was with at the time needed a cheap way to fill out our sound after our rhythm guitarist left, so I got it to add a little grit to my basslines. I'm thinking about pawning it off and upgrading to a Boss Bass Overdrive, but it might not be worth it if the end result is a similar sound.
Recently I got a Boss SYB-5 Bass Synthesizer pedal(I've become quite a fan of Boss pedals, if you haven't noticed) and I love it. It might not seem very practical for use in a band, but I've written a few dance-rock/powerpop-ish lines that I'll work into breaks or lead lines when I start up in a band again. It's been given a lot of bad reviews, but I love it.
I'm going to invest in a Boss BCB-30 pedalboard soon( I don't mean to sound like a Boss fanboy, it just seems like a convenient way to keep my stuff organized and the thirty dollar price tag is very appealing) and I want to buy a third pedal to fill it up and keep experimenting with new sounds. I'm considering a chorus pedal, and of course i'm looking at the Boss CEB-3 Bass Chorus.

So my main questions that i'd like to hear everyone's opinions on are if I should upgrade from my distortion pedal to a bass overdrive, if my third pedal should be a chorus and what opinions on the CEB-3 are, and how i should daisy-chain my pedal board. I don't know much about how the order of the pedals affects the sound, so I'd appreciate feedback on that as well.

Well, I didn't mean for this post to be so long, but I would appreciate any feedback and people's opinions.
Quote by MPica
I don't know much about how the order of the pedals affects the sound, so I'd appreciate feedback on that as well.

order makes a very large difference. for instance, you'd be able to bend much more with an EQ before AND after a distortion/ gain stage.

i used to put my super overdrive before my acoustic simulator and i favored the tone much over the simulator being first in line. i used to love boss. but i eventually started noticing real tone loss. to make that DS-1 more adaptable, you might wanna change the capacitor on its tone control. https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=747311 has a layout for the DS-1, you by no means have to mod it, but playing with it's tone may make it more bass compatable, but if you like it as is, don't bother. i'm just a guitarist (i rock a native american flute too, but that doesn't have sh** to do with this) but i find a chorus more useful for cleans. so you may want to consider an a/b box, nd possibly an A/B for bypassing the effect chain to minimize tone draining.

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The DS-1 is a lame distortion...but that doesn't mean you should get another Boss. I would look at getting an EHX Big Muff (or clone) or a Way Huge Red Lllama or something.
Check out the Son of a Bee at stompunderfoot.com, or ask him for a Civil War Muff with a mid control. The Muff naturally scoops mids, so you'll fall out of the mix in a band situation.
Ahh, sorry for posting in the wrong thread.
As for the DS-1, like I said, it was just a cheap way to get my sound a little grittier. Whenever i use it now its always with my synth pedal, usually on saw or square wave settings.
I know boss pedals aren't the most favored and mostly viewed as beginner type, but i've played around with lots of different brands, and for whatever reason, i still like boss.

I appreciate all the feedback by the way, thanks.
I've tried the EHX Big Muff, and I liked it. I considered it for awhile, but wasn't sure. I haven't tried the others. I also have literally zero knowledge about modding pedals.
And I'm still unsure about a chorus pedal. I'm starting to think that it just won't be all that practical to use.