Hey guys I did a cover of Use Somebody by Kings of Leon, looking for some feedback and advice. I'm trying to improve my voice so any advice is helpful. The cover is in my UG profile page.


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Decent cover, your singing is pretty good. Nice tone and on pitch for the most part. My one complaint is that you're singing at a near whisper. It sounds fine but I think for this song you really need to belt it out powerfully, even if it is an acoustic version. I listened to your Fake Plastic Trees cover (it was also very good) and that kind of whispering style of singing fits perfectly with it, but not so much with this song. I'd like to hear you give it another take singing at full volume. Maybe you can start off singing at low volume but I think you should definitely belt it out at the last part (the woh-oh bit or whatever).

There's no doubt that your voice is solid at low volumes, but singing loud and powerfully can be a whole nother thing. It's good if you can learn to sing both ways. If you already knew all of that and you chose to sing softly on purpose, then I apologize, lol.

Good cover though, and your singing is pretty solid despite what I said about the volume. Nice job!

Crit mine? You probably don't know the song but I'd like to know what you think anyway.


I really liked this, but I also would like to hear what you've got at full volume. Your version was really enjoyable. I listed to Blackbird also which I thought was absolutely fabulous. Your voice fit perfectly with it.

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That was really good (guitar and vocals), but the mix could have been better. The vocals were pretty soft, partly due to your singing style and partly because of the way it was recorded. It sounded like it was a live recording with one room mic.....if that's the case....get closer to the mic when singing.

Push out the vocals a little bit more and it would sound great.

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As I listen: Great voice, I like how it's coming from the throat, not the nose. Sing louder, though. The guitar almost engulfs the vocals because of the volume levels, especially at the chords in the end. As for your talent, it is seriously great! If I have time later, I'll listen to your Radiohead cover. Is there another thread for it? Link it if so.

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