So I got this really cool danelectro dc2 about 6 months ago from a old family friend and he never learned to play so now i have it, well its really a cool awesome sounding playing and feeling guitar but i never really play it that much. i just like my fernandes montery deluxe way more. Make an offer on this thing, ive never seen another that has this cool copper/pink color but i have seen pictures of them in old ads. unfort when i got it the sticker that i assume had the serial # on it was gone.

Secondly is a fernandes montery pro from about 2004-5 or somewhere around there, its not like the carved tops of more recent years, its one of the first with that name and then they changed the name of this model i believe, but to be perfectly honest i dont know much about it, ive just had numerious people tell me its a montery pro. i bought it off of somebody on this website and it really is in absolutely perfect shape the sustainer system is very cool and can make some killer sounds, ive been trying to get rid of this for a while but nobody seems to really be that into them and i have yet to figure out why as its a amazing guitar. I love it so much that recently i got the deluxe model which is my favorite guitar.

make an offer on both these guitars, i am open to trades as well so just let me know.
sorry about the crappy pics all i have is my cell phone to use as a camera

danelectro: http://i2.photobucket.com/albums/y43/thefaceeater/danelectro/danebody2.jpg

I like that Danelectro, but I have n o idea how old it is or what a fair price is...