About a month ago I saw a video on youtube with Dave Mustain explaning his "spider chord", and I thought it was cool. Anywase I have been trying to figure it out for a month now, but I can play it really slow but if I speed it up it starts to sound really bad. Does anyone have any advice for me on how to do it better.

Any help is appreciated.
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i just don't like the name.

it's two power chords!
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His spider chord is actually rather easy. What he means is that if you use your 1 and 3 finger to get a G power chord on the 6th string, then you use your 2 and 4 finger to fret the next power chord you want to that it reduces the amount of time traveled up the neck to get to that position.

Like Gundamnitpete said, it is just power chords.
yea i thought it was easy the first time i tried it....just concentrate because if you cant play in your head perfectly first your not gonna play it very well at all
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