Hi! I was thinking of getting an Ibanez RG350DX from Musician's Friend (link). I was just wondering, though, if the pictures on the website are actual size? I don't think I could play a guitar that small.
The RG350DX is a normal sized guitar, just like the other RG's. If the size was any smaller than normal, it would be stated in the description text. It's size is comparable to a Fender Strat in a way. But I would recommend you to stay away from buying this perticular guitar, due to it's rather bad FR system. Mid-priced Ibanez models with FR are often frowned upon due to its FR system.
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Yes, the guitar is that size. It's recommended you use the end of a tooth pick as a plectrum.

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My gerbil is interested in playing guitar and I was planning on buying him one for Christmas; would this be a suitable guitar for him, wyldelife? I'm not sure if gerbils play the guitar differently from humans or not.