Hello fellow UG-ites.

Recently, I've been trying to do some odd time signatures in the music I'm writing, however, I find that I have a hard time counting beats and playing at the same time. Then, I realized that I have a hard time singing while playing, as well.

Is there anything I can do to help with multitasking or am I stuck like this?

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Practice, practice and practice. Start slowly and then build up the speed.
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Finding some examples might help with the time signatures. You can even make your own in powertab etc. For the singing you've just got to practice playing the music until you can play it on autopilot then try singing.
I was thinking about using the metronome off of GP and learning like that. It's not that I haven't practiced doing it, it's just that it comes really difficult for me for some reason. I mean, if I'm playing and counting the beats as I play, I completely mess it up. It's pretty aggravating.
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Try tapping your foot or something instead of counting in your head.
Do you want to know what I do? Although this may sound odd...

If you are, say, playing guitar and singing, do both while concentrating on the song- not on playing guitar or on singing! Of course, first you will have to learn the singing part and the guitar playing part separately. As long as you can tap your foot I assume that this doesn't need learning?

It's quite hard to do at first, but I find it the best way to concentrate on both things equally. So, really, you're only concentrating on one thing (the song) rather than on separate parts of the song.

Imagine it like you've put a CD on and you're listening to it- it sounds odd but your brain can do it subconciously when you're thinking about the song and not each part.

Hope that makes sense?
I've found if you can count 1-2-3-4 or whatever your time sig is to whatever you're playing or at least tap your foot on those beats it's a lot easier, depending on the song of course. Try playing and counting first, then once you have a good feel for the beat try to throw in the lyrics.

Progressive time is hard to sing to, I'd practice some easy 4/4 or 3/4 stuff first. Tenacious D is my favorite; easy chord progressions and awesome lyrics.