i need a reasonably priced amp that can do small-medium gigs un-miced and can be miced for larger ones

i need to cover a fair bit of ground in my sound (indie/ambient to rock/hard rock) but won't be playing any heavy metal/death metal/metalcore/deathcore or in fact any permutations of the metal genre.

anyone have any experience with either of these amps?
Rebel 30

I haven't tried it but the Orange doesn't suit you. It's quite a dark amp so no indie and the cleans aren't at the standard of most ambient music. It does excel in the british, hard rock crunch though.
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Personaly, I think the Dual Terror is one of the best amps around. Albiet a high voiced British amp, but the addition of the "Fat Channel" and the Tiny Terror side by side is great. Plain and simple, I really like the DT.

The Egnator Rebel 30 is a great amp though. The rebel series get a lot of love, and rightfully so. The Tube mix is great, varible wattage control , and so many others. Unless your absolutly in love with the Orange sound, the Egnator is more flexible in almost every way.

Its really going to come down to preference. The DT will need a Cabinet, the Rebel 30 will not. That would influence my decision.
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great guys thanks for the responses

will probably go with the rebel 30 though as it's just so much more versatile the the dt
I've played the original Tiny Terror and the Rebel 20. I think versatility in amps is overrated unless you play in a cover band. Most likely, you won't be changing settings much. You're not going to be changing the settings between each song (assuming you're not in a cover band). I liked the Tiny Terror better than the Rebel because the tone just felt more natural and organic. The Rebel seems like it offers a bunch of options to shape a tone you're going after, the TT just simply offers great tone. The Rebel is for people who don't know what they want and don't want to commit. It's fine for a lot of stuff, but it's not great at anything. The TT offers one tone (2 in the DT), but you can do a lot to it using the controls and guitars.