Hey pit, I need to find a subject to talk about in front of class, and we were given the "freedom" to talk about any subject we wish. I find this "freedom" mildly nauseating, since I just can't come up with anything sensible to talk about. I don't have any regular hobbies(cept for guitar and other artistry stuff which I won't talk about because I can probably only fail on those subjects).

So come up with some subject to talk about.
Some things other people have talked about:
-Their hobbies
-Funny stuff that happened to them
-some chick talked about religious tolerance
-The pros and cons of energy drinks

Anything you can come up with.
Thanks in advance
The Pit. Give a talk about The Pit.

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The Pit. Give a talk about The Pit.

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well, I mean, what INTERESTS you. I mean, what interests you doesn't necessarily have to be a HOBBY.

for example, if you like history or psychology or philosophy etc, you can discuss those.

Other topics that you could do include:
History of modern popular music (by "popular" I mean anything non-classical or Jazz, IE blues, rock, pop, funk, soul, metal, rap, emo, etc.)
10 reasons why your speech teacher is a douchebag (one of em could be the assignment you were given).

idk what else without knowing what else you like
Why not do one on ffffffuuuuuuuuuuuuu or this guy

If you do one on the pit make sure it includes lots of Nemm and ffuu.