Alot of bands i listen to use orange live and in their recordings but I dont want to know what it sounds like with a studios help or a cruddy cell phone live recording of one being played at a live concert ):. If someone could please post a video up on youtube or a sound sample MP3 with a link of them playing a orange half stack with high gain settings and a very "New wave Post-hardcore" typical tone would be great. A posthardcore tone typically will have very high gain if not full. If you need examples of these tones i am looking for the bands fall of troy, dance gavin dance, mars volta (Not really PHC but i dig that tone) have used orange.
This would be very much apreciated and I will do w/e I can to return to favour.

Note: Please do not feed the amp through a pedal unless you are going to show several different samples and a sample including just strait guitar to amp with no pedals help as well. Thank you sooooo much for doing me a solid
Sounds to me like you haven't been looking very hard. Rob Chappers comes to mind.
Just listen to the sword. And robs videos are awesome lol
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