I'm really starting to get into older, obscure people, and decided to start a discussion about these guys.

So, the discussion is about old, unknown to semi-unknown artists who are either dead, retired, or (even after being in the business for so long) still very small time. Here are some people I'm talking about and who I love so you guys can get an idea of the kinds of things I'm talking about.

Little Feat (w/ Lowell George):
"Cold, Cold, Cold"
"Fat Man in the Bathtub" (also winner of most epic song name of all time)

Townes (motha****in') Van Zandt:
Intro to "Dollar Bill Blues"
Full, studio version of "Dollar Bill Blues"
"Waiting around to Die" (with long intro) (good stuff starts about 2:39)
"Tecumseh Valley"

Warren Zevon:
"My Shit's ****ed Up"
"Poor Poor Pitiful Me" / "Cadillac Ranch" (The latter written by Bruce Springsteen)
"Studebaker" (Performed by his son, never released durring his lifetime, so this is the only goo quality recording of the song)

Roger Ridley - "Bring it on Home"
Grandpa Elliot - "Fannie Mae"
Hot Tuna and David Bromberg - "I Know You Rider"
David Bromberg - "Demon in Disguise"
Webb Wilder - "Hoodoo Witch" (starts off kinda "meh," but picks up as it goes along)

Any of you guys know of guys like this? Could be a completely different genre, I'm just more a fan of gritty rock and folk/blues, but you could suggest some other genres too.
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I'm not really sure what you're looking for but maybe try some Cactus, Savoy Brown, Henry Paul Band, Vangelis (Aphrodite's Child), Nektar
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They got big, but not really that mainstream, at least in my opinion. You won't hear either of em on any classic rock station or such things like that.

And this forum isn't necessarily what "I" would find interesting, its just old guys from all genres that maybe aren't remembered that well today, to throw out some of these guys for everyone. I don't want this to be all about people that "I'm" looking for, you know?
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none of those are really obscure... but some bands that might fit into that kind of category might be

status quo
quicksilver messenger service
canned heat
harry nilsson

that is, if i am on the same page as you are
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